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33 x 27 inches
Oil on canvas

Code: MaPu-0001


SKU: MaPu-0001
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist:

Born in Bhopal in 1973. A trained geologist, Pushkale also studied art at the Art College in Bhopal, acquiring his Master’s degree there. Pushkale’s art is intrinsically linked with the mythological, without making overt references to the same. A subdued colour palette lends a lingering calm to his works. However, on a closer examination, the motifs and symbols in his art come to light, giving it different meanings. Subtle brush strokes and shading create multi-layered meaning. Pushkale’s solo shows include ‘Serendipitous Encounters’ at Aicon, Palo Alto, in 2009; ‘Unveiling’ at Bodhi Art, Mumbai, in 2007; and ‘Japa’ at Bodhi Art, New Delhi, in 2006. His work has also been featured as a part of several groups. Pushkale was also a recipient of the S.H. Raza Foundation Award in 2003.

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Medium (Up to 60 inches)



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