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Gallerie Nvya Art Advisory expert advice on acquiring and selling modern & contemporary art, with a focus on new emerging artists and navigating the complexities of the current art market.



Gallerie Nvya provides provenance, authenticity and condition report on individual artworks. The gallery stands by any work sold by us. We procure art directly from artists, known collectors, auction houses, art galleries, art dealers. Any work coming from the secondary market is vetted by experts in our advisory committee before it is included in our inventory. The advisory committee of professionals in the field is able to deliver highly personalized services that meet our clients’ requirements.


Our curation is a constant process which helps in bringing out a wide selection of artwork in diverse mediums and genres, keeping in mind, the aesthetics along with the investment factor. The curatorial advisory helps the client to develop a comprehensive strategy that will maximize the aesthetic value and appreciation of art works.


Gallerie Nvya provides research and market analysis that facilitates and enables clients to make a decision about their artwork. Our team inspects every work of art that crosses our path as a matter of course.

No Advisory Fee

Understanding that the gallery’s clients have a range of motivation, from waiting to benefit from the aesthetic and societal value of art, to enjoy it as a luxury good, to seeking portfolios, diversification and investment returns. Our art advisory provides free services to each specific requirement.

Multifarious Collection

The art advisory of Gallerie Nvya provides wide access to artworks; the clientele could be seasoned collectors, first-time buyers, private individuals, corporates or institutions. We are able to assist by offering pertinent pointers and advice. The GN collection includes a huge inventory in diverse mediums and genres, of modern and contemporary artists.

Restoration of Works of Art

The care of our art treasures is very important. Gallerie Nvya conscientiously looks after its own collection to ensure that any work sold by us is handed over in impeccable and pristine condition. Our restorer regularly inspects all our works of art.
We also undertake annual contracts for cleaning, restoring and taking care of your art collection.




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    Ms. Tripat Kalra

    Art Consultant and Advisor

    Tripat K Kalra, an avid art aficionado, has donned many a hat – founder, director, curator, consultant, and more. With her passion for art and her commitment to this field, she can only describe herself as an art lover. A trained textile designer by profession she is known for her keen eye and understanding of art. Her tryst with art began close to 40 years ago. Here she is today, at the helm of one of the city’s foremost centers of fine art. Over the years, her eye for accomplishment has gained formidable repute. Her own collection boasted of, before the inception of Nvya is a good example.
    Ever since Nvya was born in 2004, her singular aspiration has been for it to grow into a centre of excellence that on one hand nurtures young, budding artists; while on the other, honours the masters. As a result of this vision, the gallery has been successful in leading several conversations about the art world with great aplomb.Mrs. Kalra attributes this keen perception and sense of detail to her rather formidable background. Coming from a family of bankers, she rarely missteps when it comes to curating a portfolio or investing in art. Conversations about intelligent finances at home was one of the reasons she cites that she could foresee the upcoming art boom in India at the turn of the century.

    Gallerie Nvya’s inception and rise was only the next logical step. Besides the work at Nvya, Mrs. Kalra has been an art consultant for BBC Good Homes as a regular featured writer and contributes art related articles for other publications. She regularly conducts talks on art as an investment, is a favorite among her corporate clients who look upon her for frequent consultations about their next venture.
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