Top 7 Art Genres and the Characteristics They Are Known For 

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A wall painting is always considered to be more than just a piece of art. This type of artwork has all the power not only to transform the entire décor of your space but also define your taste in art and the kind of personality that you have. Various times you can observe the barren walls left in both domestic and commercial spaces, which often make you think of what can pep them up again. As far as wall coverings are concerned, wall paintings are still the most preferred and ideal solution for them. 

There are a large number of art enthusiasts who are always in search of artworks in Delhi, considering wall painting the most suitable solution for all spaces including:

  • Bedrooms
  • Drawing rooms
  • Passages
  • Office cabins, and
  • Reception areas.

Paintings are artworks that work wonderfully well anywhere not only to spice up spaces but also to kill the monotony and boredom. There are a large number of genres and themes that you can choose according to your artistic taste and liking or according to the place where you are going to place the artwork. This blog discusses some of the most popular themes you can consider choosing: 

Modern Art

Modern art is considered to be a distinctive art form that has its own style of expression. This art form reflects the freedom of thought that you can also see in any artwork of Sangeeta Singh. All modern art paintings are away from any kind of elements that are called stereotypical. 

As far as the overall appeal and beauty of modern art paintings are concerned, it depends on the standpoint of both the creator and the spectator. Both can have different opinions on the same artwork. As per the experts, such paintings are an ideal choice for office cabins as well as the reception areas.  

Victorian Art

Victorian or European art has its roots in the neoclassical era. These paintings are well known for their ostentatiousness and deep expressiveness. You can see them in any reputed Indian art gallery. Such paintings showcase Humanism as part of the primary features of European paintings. The artists who create Victorian artworks always aim at capturing real situations of life belonging to both men and women. 

These paintings are considered to be most appropriate for corridors, drawing rooms, and passages inside your home. You can buy these paintings both online or offline at destinations dealing in different types of Victorian artworks.

Traditional Paintings 

While everybody discusses Victorian and contemporary art forms, Indian traditional art has its own charm and attraction to offer. When it comes to fine art and its various forms, India has always been having an extremely rich culture and culture which a large number of artists in the country depict in their larger-than-life artworks. The artists through their paintings symbolize:

  • India’s rich culture and its colors
  • Heritage and history
  • Warmth and family values 
  • Relationships and togetherness.

You can buy traditional Indian artworks in any of the reputed art galleries in Delhi and other parts of the country. Those who are sitting in foreign lands can opt for an online route to buy such marvelous paintings. 

Lady and Figurative 

Professional art collectors across the globe describe the lady and figurative art genre as:

  • Beautiful
  • Expressive
  • Individualistic, and
  • Full of emotional elements.

The lady and figurative artworks reflect the pure and natural warmth while establishing an eternal as well as emotional connection with the spectators. These paintings have the power to mesmerize people of all age groups. You can buy such paintings in the best art galleries in Delhi.

God & Goddess

The artworks in this genre are well known for reflecting pure faith and symbolizing peace of mind and soul. Such paintings are considered to be ideal for:

  • Places of worship
  • Above the fireplace mantel
  • Bedroom
  • Common room, or 
  • Anywhere you like to place them.  

Art enthusiasts from across the globe visit the best Indian art galleries to buy paintings based on gods and goddesses.

Birds and Animals Paintings

The artworks that depict birds and animals have the power to communicate with the spectators without uttering even a single word. Birds and animal paintings also convey the joy of their own which appeals straight to the heart of the spectators. These artworks are well known for depicting:

  • Innocent and natural happiness of animals and birds such as horses, owls, hens, and dogs
  • Symbolized attachment
  • Unconditional love and care
  • Faithfulness and loyalty.

The people who have kids at home opt for these paintings in particular from the galleries dealing in different types of artworksin Delhi.

Dance and Music Paintings 

Dance and music paintings are considered to be the most mesmerizing art form. Both dance and music are well-known performing arts celebrated around the globe. It is very mind-blowing to see any artist capturing another art form. Such artworks include:

  • Ballet dancer paintings
  • Artists performing on different musical instruments
  • Classical dancers and many more.

These paintings are considered to be ideal for drawing rooms and any other place where you think this type of painting is right. 

Concluding Remarks 

When it comes to professional art collectors, buying any artwork might not be a difficult task. But as far as a layman or an amateur art enthusiast is concerned, buying art involves so many analytical aspects that one needs to have complete knowledge of. There are different themes and genres of paintings that one can buy either for home or office. Be it any artwork by Sangeeta Singh artist or the artistic rendering by any other artist, the buyers must have the capabilities to identify and analyze a particular artwork. And this ability comes from experience.  

Those interested can visit any of the best art galleries to buy the best artworks in Delhi. These days, online art platforms have provided unique opportunities to art enthusiasts across the globe not only to see the finest artworks created by artists of repute but also to compare their prices on various other art destinations. 

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