A 3-Step Guide for Budding Artists to Establish Presence in the Global Art Market 

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Needless to say, the life of an artist in India is filled with a large number of challenges as well as hindrances. Being only an artist is not considered to be sufficient in the country. You have to have much more than art to survive as an artist. Fine art is still struggling for recognition and no artist can find the attention of the people until he or she gets immensely popular. Today every art enthusiast knows about Jamini Roy paintings just because they are extremely popular and have earned a formidable reputation in the field of fine art. 

A brief background of the Indian fine art 

In various European countries, fine art is both recognized and respected as a unique God-gifted skill that only a very few people are born with. In India, there are only a handful of people who care about art and artists seriously. One of the most prominent reasons behind this extremely pathetic scenario of fine art in India is that it is still in its budding phase. During the British Rule of more than 200 years, the overall ecstasies and charm of the Indian fine art were kept aloof from the real art world. What it means – the art could not flourish and prosper the way it should have.  

The establishment of the Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group

When India got independence in 1947, Indian art started grabbing the attention of art lovers from around the globe. It was the year 1948 when the Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group came into existence with members such as:

  • F. N. Souza
  • S. H. Raza
  • M. F. Husain
  • K. H. Ara
  • H. A. Gade
  • S. K. Bakre (sculptor)
  • Manishi Dey
  • Ram Kumar
  • Akbar Padamsee, and
  • Tyeb Mehta.

These were the artists who opened up fine art to Indian art enthusiasts. Therefore, if you are an artist who is born within the past 30 or 40 years, you should consider yourself lucky and fortunate because the modern fine has come a long way from F. N. Souza to Jamini Roypaintings. The artworks created by the Indian fine artists are earning recognition not only within the country but also abroad. 

If you are a newbie in the domain of fine art and want your artworks to be noticed just like Jamini Roy paintings by the art enthusiasts both within the country as well as abroad, then it is important to note how you are going to make your beginning. Establishing your presence in today’s already saturated art market is both intimidating as well as challenging. On the brighter side, despite low demand, the Indian art market is growing always with an upward curve. 

Here’s how a new artist can make a beginning 

An impressive bio is one of the most important things you can do to enter the global art market. Most new artists take professional help to accomplish the same. In your bio, you must include the following steps:


  • Mention the genres of art that interest and inspire you most
  • Mention whether you are interested in showcasing and selling your artworks offline or online.


In the second step, you have to grow your popularity in the art and artists’ community. These days, there are a large number of online platforms where you can take entry easily as a newbie and increase your contacts by commenting on masterpieces such as Jamini Roy paintings. 

Read as many blogs and articles as you can so that you can get maximum exposure to how the leading figures in the field are behaving to showcase and sell their artworks. This way, you will also be developing your understanding of the art market and its various unseen and unexpected aspects. 


Step 3 involves a real-time experience. You have full freedom to visit any of the reputed art galleries to have a close look at some of the finest works rendered by the country’s topmost artists.Here, you will get an opportunity to interact with various like-minded people. Reputed art galleries in the national capital are the best destination to get familiar with the world of art and contemporary artists. When comfortable, you can show your artworks to them to get their valuable views. 

The art market also works like other commercial spheres

Like other premium businesses and industries, the art market has also gone fully commercial in all respects. The gallery owners also have some expectations from artists that need to be fulfilled under all circumstances. Visiting such places will provide you with various meaningful practical experiences helping you how to act in such an ambiance. Be it Jamini Roy paintings or Sakti Burman Paintings,all the creative minds behind them have already gone through such experiences.   

Here are some ways to make your moves while visiting art galleries:

  • Start visiting art galleries as a common art lover and begin a lighter conversation with the individuals as well as artists present there
  • Never make them feel you are asking for any suggestions for personal use
  • If you are an artist with introverted nature, then just take your time and observe the things around
  • Doing so at regular intervals will not only help you establish contacts with the people of the art community but also make you feel comfortable in that particular environment.

Concluding Remarks

Apart from visiting art galleries to see Jamini Roy paintings, you can also take the online route to serve your purpose. Today, with the arrival of the internet, the art market has become so easy and cozy to approach, particularly for new artists. The online platforms work on a global canvas conducting different types of auctions and art exhibitions proving to be a panacea for the new artists’ community. These online art platforms have drastically affected the business of even so many conventional art galleries by providing the new breed of artists with never-before opportunities to showcase and sell their artworks in the global fine art markets.   

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