Five ways social media can help actualize your artistic ambitions

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Today, we are living in a well-connected digital world in which the entire artists’ community is constantly striving hard to expand the reach of their artworks. In such a scenario, social media has emerged as one of the most effective and efficient ways for them to better connectivity and global exposure. Today, be it Seema Kohli or any other new or renowned artists, all are moving towards social media. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a large number of others are grabbing the attention of millions of users, providing a plethora of bright opportunities for artists.

Making strategic use of social media channels can provide Seema Kolhi artist and others with a great platform where they can share their masterpieces easily while expanding their reach the world over. Keeping in view the same, this blog describes a few tips about how you as an artist can make effective and efficient use of social media to actualize your artistic ambitions.

1.With social media, you can market yourself free of charge

Social media capacitates you to market yourself free of charge in each and every part of the world. The platforms such as Instagram and Facebook let artists establish connectivity with people and art lovers who love and admire their work. When on social media, as an artist you will find every possible opportunity not only to advance your career but also to bring a drastic improvement in your artistic work. Different types of social media platforms provide you with free and fair ways to market yourself. What you need to do is just take some beautiful photographs of your finest artworks and showcase them online. You can also explore some groups built on the same theme or topic across platforms.

2.Find the audience you need without leaving your studio

Artists belonging to any genre or forte need audiences to showcase or present their artworks. Regardless of what your genre or forte is, you always want your artwork to be seen, analyzed, and appreciated by like-minded people and art enthusiasts. The artist inside you always wants to present the artworks to people to whom they speak. Social media can be the best tool to serve your purpose. However, you need to be extra careful in what you are serving to your visitors and followers. In case, by chance, you present the artworks of cityscapes to those who are nature lovers, your efforts might go in vain. But, then identify your target audience well, and do the same rightly, you are going to get only positive results.

Social media channels have the power to bring to you the audience that you need, and that too, without leaving your studio. It is because art enthusiasts across the globe are always in quest of the type of artwork that you are creating and showcasing on different social media channels. By making smart and strategic use of social media channels, you not only can develop and grab audiences and followers but also take your visibility in cyberspace to the next level.

3.Find peers and get inspired by their artwork

In the field of art, it is said that nothing works better than your own imagination. When you join social media channels, you get into contact with millions of people having the same likings and interests. With an artist in you, you can develop a connection with so many like-minded people including the artists you have been admiring throughout your life. As an artist, this interaction might be a priceless experience for you.

The more you interact with artists and other similar people to gain experiences, the more betterment you will have in your artwork. The inspiration that you derive from your peers’ artworks will not only fuel your imagination but also potentially strengthen your stature as an artist. Your observation of other artists’ works will help you grow and expand your thoughts.

4.A direct mode of communication

Social media over the past 10 years has completely replaced the modes of conventional communication that empower you to communicate with people belonging to different social strata about the following:

1.Who you are
2.What your goals are
3.Your vision about art and your artworks, and
4.What excites you most in the realm of art!

In many instances, the group of people you are interacting with might enquire about any particular artwork, and this can result in an instant sale. And, with just a single interaction that takes place in the form of either ‘follow’ or ‘like’ you can grab the attention of the art industry’s stalwarts. One of the most salient advantages of this mode of communication is that there are no geographical boundaries for you to expand your connections. You can target any location to expand your artistic network.

5.Suggestions regarding the technicalities involved

You need to be aware of the fact that all social media channels involve a few technicalities including search engine promotion and allied factors. However, basic social media handling is not a Herculean task these days. But, when it comes to making use of social media professionally, you might need some professional help, particularly during the initial days. Therefore, it would be quite good to seek support from some techies who are well-versed in social media things. Once you develop a flair for technicalities, you will start enjoying your involvement in no time.

Concluding Remarks

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