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Woman and Bird

30 x 22 inches
Acrylic on paper

Code: PK-0003


SKU: PK-0003
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist:

Prakash Karmakar was born in 1933 in Kolkata. Karmakar learnt painting from his father, artist-teacher Prahlad Karmakar He learnt the techniques of transparent and opaque watercolours from Kamalaranjan Thakur, a former student of his father, and Dilip Das Gupta. However, it was Nirode Majumdar who acquainted him with artistic and philosophical concepts, techniques, coherence of lines and the breaking of form. He joined the Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta, but quit soon. The artist was considered a revolutionary in the sense that he did not exhibit in art galleries. Karmakar, a prominent Indian artist was best known for his landscapes and nudes, which were generally painted in vibrant colors with bold lines and intricate textures depicting lush tropical vegetation to express the sensuous beauty of rural Bengal. Most of his earlier artworks captured remembrances from the past – some of them are very personal, and some are from the darkest moments of human history. His style was rich and original aesthetic fusion from Eastern and Western art while retaining the authentic stamp of his, hills and valleys, seascapes and mangroves in their wild diversity, which had made him even more popular with art galleries. Karmakar visited France on a fellowship to study art museums, He spent three formative years as a young painter in Paris on a French Government Scholarship. This led to a style, which is an interesting synthesis of the post-impressionist school with the Kalighat pat tradition of Kolkata, leading to a unique style that he employs with great lyricism individuality. Prakash Karmakar's landscapes quite obviously perceived more by the senses than by the spirit, comprise thick tropical forests, hills.
Prakash Karmakar was awarded the 1968 Lalit Kala Akademi National award, and his work exists in several collections.

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