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39 x 39 inches
Casein on canvas

Code: V-0001


SKU: V-0001
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist

Vishwanathan, popularly known as Paris Vishwanathan or Velu Vishwanathan, is an artist and filmmaker known for his abstract paintings and films. Belonging to a family of vishwakarmas (blacksmiths) and trained as a blacksmith and carpenter, Vishwanathan’s visual style incorporated rectangular and horizontal blocks using casein made from milk protein. He also experimented with the geometric form through the incorporation of the Malayalam script in his work. His abstract works resemble printed blocks on the canvas and reflect his mediation on the abstract geometric form. Vishwanathan also often makes his own paper and pigment.

Vishwanathan lives in France. Since his first solos in Chennai and Mumbai in 1966, Viswanathan’s work has been shown at the Galerie Darthea Speyer, Paris (1982-2002), the Victoria Memorial, Kolkata (1999), the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi and Mumbai (1998), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1985), besides galleries in Germany, USA, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Denmark, Italy and India. Apart from six self-made films that have been screened in festivals in Europe and the Americas, Viswanathan’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous art events around the world, including Biennale de Paris (1967), New Delhi Triennial (1975), the 15th International Art Exhibition, Tokyo, and the Art Olympiade, Seoul, South Korea.

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Medium (Up to 60 inches)


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