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27 x 21 inches
Acrylic on paper

Code: FNS-0001


SKU: FNS-0001
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the Artist

Francis Newton Souza was born in 1924 in Saligao, Goa. He is one of the most prominent Indian painters and the founding member of Progressive Artists Group of Bombay along with S.H Raza, M.F Husain and K.H Ara. He was also probably the first Indian painter to have used acrylic paint in early 1960s. The subjects covered in the paintings comprise of still life, landscapes, nudes, icons of Christianity. One of his most recurring themes was that of the conflicts in a man-woman relationship.  F.N Souza’s paintings expressed defiance and impatience with convention and with the banality of everyday life and there was a visible influence of the folk art of Goa, the Renaissance paintings, landscapes of the 18th and 19th century Europe. His works were part of several successful exhibitions around the world and adorn the walls of prestigious museums all around the world.

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