The world of Pointillism

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‘Pointillism’ was invented by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, Seurat called the style of painting Divisionism, but the name was changed over time. The style has nothing to do with the subject matter of the painting. It is a specific way of applying the paint to the canvas. In Pointillism the painting is made up entirely of small dots of pure color. The technique is based on the science of optics, where the mind and eye blend colour spots placed closed together into a full image. This is how pixels in computer screens form an image.

Highlighting the technique of ‘Pointillism’ artist Aparna Bidasaria showcases the magnificence of the ‘Banyan Tree’, while attempting to signify the close knit relation between man and nature.

Aparna’s entire oeuvre is a striking example of ‘Pointillism’, a technique of painting with distinct dots of colours which are meticulously applied in patterns to compose a cohesive image. She mainly uses acrylic colours, as she applies paint on her canvas, layer by layer. Strokes and drippings are a part of her work too. The dripping paint looks like the roots of the tree descending from its branches. Her work is clear and subtle. With delicate brush strokes over the canvas Aparna highlights every detail of her theme in each painting.

Aparna Bidasaria, Anand – The Banyan series, 42 x 72 inches, Acrylic on canvas, 2019

Kamar Alam is best known for the distinct portrayal of human emotions, perceptions and dreams. His unique style is a juxtaposition of human form with geometric shapes and natural elements. The use of dark backgrounds highlights his protagonists that are often painted in subdued tones of blue or nude. They bring forth a tranquil and meditative aura as they seem to flow weightlessly across the canvas. The striking red colour of shapes and elements is a common motif in his paintings. His employment of the pointillism technique makes his work unique amongst that of other Indian contemporaries.

Kamar Alam, Believing II, 24 x 40 inches, Mixed media (acrylic and oil) on canvas, 2019

Amar Sultan is a self-trained artist under his father’s guidance. Sultan’s paintings are inspired by a flight of pigeons – symbolic of peace and hope. Their never ceasing fluttering and cooing are one of the many sounds in our immediate surroundings. The artist very magnificently portrays this inspiring interaction of humans and their virtues with that of the pigeons.

Amar Sultan, Untitled, 30 x 50 inches, Oil on canvas, 2018

Using the technique of pointillism, Amar Sultan’s application of perfectly blended colours create a more striking image than any made after mixing colours conventionally on a palette.