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Vinita Karim


Born in 1962 in Burma, Vinita Karim has lived and worked in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Educated in Sweden and the Philippines, her landscapes draw on her travel and experience, yet consistently link back to her roots in India. Vinita’s gold-leafed canvases are set around lands lived and imagined, in histories and geographies of her choosing, places rich with meaning and life despite the physical absence of human figures, narratives built around life-lines of waters, in cities with significant sea histories. Vinita weaves her story-songs amongst the waves that wash the banks of waterways, canals, riversides and seafronts. She has taken full advantage of her constantly changing surroundings and applied it to her passion in art. She works in different mediums such as paintings, sculptures, and installations. With several solo shows to her credit, Vinita has exhibited her work in Asia, Europe, Africa, the U.S.A and the Middle-East.


In close proximity
Embroidery on Dhaka muslin 24" x 24"
Give me Sunshine
Acrylic and embroidery on linen 30" x 42"
Serene Solitude
Acrylic, gold, copper, silver on linen 36" x 36"
Red Velvet Night
Oil, gold and copper on canvas 60" x 60"
Pleasures and Passions
Acrylic, embroidery, gold and copper on linen 36" x 48"
Bay of Bengal Splendour
Acrylic, minerals, gold on canvas 72" x 48"
Bright blue skies
Embroidery on Dhaka muslin 29.2" x 36"
The Golden Egg
Acrylic, gold and copper on metal 13" x 7" x 7"
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