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Sunil Das

Sunil Das is one of India’s most prominent expressionist painters. He studied at the Government College of Art & Craft in Calcutta and then at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He is known for his iconic drawings of bulls and horses, His images of the bulls were inspired by his observations during a trip to Spain. His flawless drawings capture the speed, power and energy of the animals. They became symbolic of the energy, aggression and power of modern times and of his own untamed youthful spirit and a sense of liberation. Sunil Das was inspired by the force and the strength of the moving horse. He has also painted haunting pictures of women thereby revealing the dark side of people who are otherwise considered beautiful. Das is effective in most media, though his major works are serigraphy, conte, and oil on canvas. His style involves the quick use of the brush and pen to get a dynamic effect potent with power.


Charcoal on paper 30" x 22"
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