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Suman Gupta

Jammu, India

Born in 1964 in Jammu, Suman Gupta is a self-taught artist. He graduated with a law degree from the University of Jammu in 1988. He practices creativity featuring scenes encompassing the natural beauty and simple but tough life of people. He blends the elements of an abstract-realist painter, blissfully besotted by the colours, forms and lights of a tranquil oasis of nature. An artist who makes simple humble folk his models, one who sits and watches an old musician playing and creates a counterpoint of compositions that bring in the pastoral surroundings of the Northern Himalayas. For Suman, nature is the site where all conflicts are resolved and harmony restored. Some of his pictures sometimes seem as physical as a wet meadow underfoot or a heavy mist on the cheek, the paint itself often has the texture of the earth. He used to work in different mediums such as tempera, dry brush, graphite on paper as well as oils and acrylic on canvas, Suman's work has been exhibited in a number of solo and group shows within India and overseas. He is the recipient of several awards some of which include the Lalit Kala Akademi Annual Award, the "Lorenzo II Magnifico" at Florence Biennial 2011.


The Magical Flute
Acrylic on canvas 60" x 84"
Sand Stone Cliff
Graphite on mountboard 20" x 25"
Girl and the black partridge
Drybrush watercolour on 300 gsm fabriano paper 21" x 28"
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