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Sohan Qadri

Sohan Qadri (1932-2011) was a renowned Indian-Canadian artist celebrated for his unique and spiritually inspired abstract art. Born in India, Qadri initially pursued a career in law but eventually followed his passion for art. He trained under prominent Indian artists before venturing into the realm of abstract expressionism. Qadri's art was deeply influenced by his spiritual journey, and he was associated with the Tantric art movement. His paintings often featured vibrant colors, intricate geometric patterns, and a sense of transcendence, evoking a meditative and mystical experience. His work aimed to convey the profound inner journey of the soul. Having exhibited internationally, Sohan Qadri's art gained recognition and appreciation for its fusion of abstraction and spirituality. He later settled in Canada, where his work continued to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts worldwide. His legacy endures, and his contributions to abstract and spiritual art remain significant.


Firecrackers (carbon) on paper 39" x 25"
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