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Ritu Kamath

Delhi, India

Ritu Kamath was born in 1970. A multidisciplinary artist, Ritu Kamath’s art transcends beyond the immediate and the personal to the level of the eternal and the universal. Ritu Kamath has experimented with several métiers and forms in her career as an artist. Her primary concern has been to create beauty and impact whether she is exploring the feminine form or exploring satires or themes of urban breakdown digitally in print series. She has created superbly conceived and executed each multilayered impactful work that projects its subject in an amazing quality of workmanship, I would say. The bounce and flow of these works is far beyond their frames.


The Forgiving Mother 2
Acrylic on canvas 18" diameter
The Forgiving Mother 5
Acrylic and ink on canvas 18" diameter
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