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Rajesh Kumar Sharma


Rajesh Kumar Sharma was born in 1972. He received his degree and masters degree in sculpture from I.K.S University, Khairagarh in Chhattisgarh. Rajesh is influenced by rural India and depicts the tales of India and the manner in which its history is shifting to present modern-day realities. His sculptures consider the questions about past and present and focus on the games that children play. He works mainly in brass, bronze, fibre glass and other mediums. Rajesh show us that while romantic visions of rural India still persist, they are slowly shifting and making way for a newly branded and freshly imported idea of living. He has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group shows and participated in camps within India and abroad. He is recipient of number of awards and fellowships and his work is part of private and institutional collections worldwide.


JOY-3 (Scooter)
Fibreglass 15" x 12.5" x 5.5"
Joy Ride – 5
Bronze 14" x 18" x 7"
Brass 59" x 16" x 14"
Indian Cocacola-14
Bronze 26" x 13" x 19"
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