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Neeraj Goswami

Neeraj Goswami, one of the most collectible painters amongst his contemporaries. Born in Patna in 1964, Neeraj completed his education at the Delhi School of Art. Neeraj has made the medium of oils his own achieving a brilliance and vibrancy that is outstanding. His paintings glow like precious stones with translucence rarely seen. Through this sheer haze his characters come alive almost as if they are ready to walk out of the canvas. In a mix of narrative and abstract renderings, his paintings project a delightful image with undertones of a detached and somewhat sublime ambiance and interplay of joy and sorrow, meditation and loneliness. Working on different planes, he creates figuration that seems bound in planar structures. There is an appearance of contentment and inner stirring in his overlapping and multi-layered imagery within the pictorial space.


Pen on paper 5" x 5.5"
Pen on paper 12" x 8"
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