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Maya Burman


Born 1971 in France. Maya prefers to work with watercolors, delineating landscapes, human forms inspired by Indian miniature painting, wood surfaces and graphic designs in an unfettered pastiche of shape and shade. Her art, allegorical and lyrical as it is, reflects her unique cross-cultural heritage with impeccable detail and is vibrant with positive energy. The paintings are a meeting ground of two cultures - Indian as well as French. The details of Indian miniature painting and European Middle Age architecture merge in her art, and literature and poetry are also very much present. She has done numerous solos and participated in numerous group shows in India and abroad.


Water color and color pencil on paper 31" x 31"
Water color and color pencil on paper 25" x 19"
Chasing Butterfly
Mixed media on paper 20" x 25"
Joie de Vivre Series
Pen and ink on paper 10" x 10"
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