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Maite Delteil


Maite Deilteil was born in France in 1933. She received her art education at Ecole Des Beaux-Arts, Academie de la Grand Chaumiere, Academic Julian and National School of Art, followed by fellowship from the Government and Institute De France to study in Spain and Greece in quick succession. She focuses on plant and bird life in her paintings and shows beauty of things even as they pass in to decay and dissolution, as creatures of time. She depicts nature and artifice together with a sense of balance and restraints. Maite feels that the memories of nature that surrounded her during her childhood are what have influenced her and are always present in her work. The detailing and expressive use of colours belies much deeper thoughts. Maite Delteil’s work has been exhibited widely in several cities of France as well as other countries in Europe, America and India. Maite Delteil received the Prix De la Casa Velasquez in 1959.


Durga Has Come Into My Garden
Oil on canvas 10.8" x 8.8"
On the Way to Cancum
Oil on canvas 29" x 36"
Rhinos at Twilight
Watercolour on paper 19" x 25"
Zebra Ensemble I
Oil on canvas 18" x 22"
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