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Lalu Prasad Shaw

Kolkata, India

Born in Bengal in 1937, Lalu Prasad Shaw completed his education in Fine Arts at the Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata. He is known for his highly stylized portraits of Bengali women and couples, often depicting pleasant and quiet scenes from his own life on his canvases and papers. The artist captures the expression of his subjects with the greatest economy of line and colour. Lalu Prasad Shaw works mainly in gouache or tempera. His style is unique and modern in its adaptation of academic and traditional Indian formats. Lalu Prasad Shaw has exhibited extensively in India and abroad since 1956.


Tempera on paper 20" x 14"
Tempera on paper 22" x 15"
Pen on paper 14" x 10"
Pen on paper 14" x 10"
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