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Lalu Prasad Shaw

Kolkata, India

Lalu Prasad Shaw is one of the foremost graphic artists and painters in India with a career spans over six decades. He is a printmaker, painter and sculptor known for his highly stylised portraits influenced by traditional Indian art such as company paintings, Ajanta cave paintings and Kalighat pats to create his own style of distinct, defined lines and stark colours. He is known for his portraits, tempera works and etchings. Dwelling on the physical details of the things and people he paints, Shaw gives them a special kind of form and intimacy. The artist talks about his art, “The inspiration behind my painting is nothing but space, form, and light. I try to paint the people around me, their attire, and their life. My artworks have great meaning behind them, which cannot be felt by just glancing at them once or twice. You must observe my paintings to feel them. My Babu and Bibi do not wear modern outfits or clothes; they only wear traditional dresses like dhotis and sarees.”   Shaw was born (1937) in Suri, West Bengal. Shaw completed his Diploma in Painting from Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata. He completed his education in Fine Arts at the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata. His works have been exhibited across the country and he has won several awards for his works.   Shaw lives and works in Kolkata.


Tempera on paper 20" x 14"
Tempera on paper 22" x 15"
Pen on paper 14" x 10"
Pen on paper 14" x 10"
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