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Deepti Gupta

Kerela, India

Deepti Gupta was born in 1984 in New Delhi. She completed her M.F.A in Painting from Jiwaji University, Gwalior and B.F.A from College of Art, New Delhi. She is a figurative painter but treats colour as the most important element of her creative perception. Her forms are simple with strong graphical sensibilities. She creates dancing shapes where the enjoyment in the work process can be felt. Deepti has a lengthy process of construction and experimentation and want the colour to speak louder than the forms in conveying moods and expression. Her work is not religious but just a mere representation of the world around her. Like the cows which is a common animal and a part of common living in Indian homes. The innocence in the animals and the birds has always attracted her to paint them in a joyful and progressive outlook. Deepti has participated in several exhibitions.


Reverse on Acrylic 12" x 36"
Deer Series IV
Acrylic on canvas 48" x 48"
Elephant Series XIX
Acrylic on canvas 48" x 48"
Elephant Series
Acrylic on canvas 60" diameter
Elephant Series XLII
Acrylic on canvas 18" x 18"
Fancy Cow LXXI
Acrylic on canvas 18" x 18"
Fancy Cow V
Pen and ink on paper 11.7" x 8"
Indian Animal II
Pen and ink on paper 11.7" x 8"
Elephant Series – VII
Acrylic on canvas 30" x 36"
Lion Series VIII
Reverse on Acrylic 36" diameter
Fancy Cow XXIV
Reverse on Acrylic 18" Diameter
Fancy Cow LXV
Reverse painting, Acrylic on acrylic 18" Diameter
Horse series I
Painted cutout on plexiglass 12" x 11.5" x 1"
Lion Series II
Painted cutout on plexiglass  7.5" x 8.5" x 1"
Elephant Series VII
Painted cutout on plexiglass 11" x 9" x 1"
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