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B Rohini Reddy

B Rohini Reddy was born in 1967 in Gujarat. Reddy did her Post Diploma in Sculpture at Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda. Along with many honours and awards, Rohini has carved a niche for herself as a sculptress par excellence. As one of the few female sculptors of Hyderabad, Rohini is well known for her bronze figurines. They have won her critical acclaim, which represent ‘womanhood’ and feminine in power. The sculptures express mute conversations, displaying their strength as all-encompassing nature, bestowed with powers of birth, growth and nurture. In their meek yet dignified postures, these bronze figurines occupy thrones; sit under tree branches or beside their male counterparts.


Painted fibre glass 11" x 9" x 15"
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