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Alphonso Doss

Alphonso Arul Doss was born in 1939 in Bangalore. Doss received a Diploma in Fine Art from the Madras Government College of Arts and Crafts, of which he was later the principal from 1992 to 1997. The artist’s oeuvre explores and redefines the history and idiom of religious and classical painting, inspired by temples, churches, palaces, museums and artists across the world. Restricted to a colour palette of olive green, shades of brown, and primary colours, Doss' canvases are created by applying wet oil paint loosely so that the colour is not opaque. His process is rapid, with quick outlines and untouched areas. In his pencil and charcoal works, he creates refraction and a unique play of light and shadow by following a specific method. According to the artist -"I never erase. In a figure drawing of a youth when something went wrong, I create textures and shades that overlapped. But I did not erase any line."


Oil on canvas 35" x 35"
Charcoal on paper 21" X 27"
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