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39 x 33.5 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Code: GG-0003


SKU: GG-0003
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist

Gopi Gajwani is an abstract painter and graphic artist, whose visual voyage has spanned over five decades on a multiple layered path with uneven textures, constantly searching for silent lazy forms that are floating around in his wild arena of creativity, illusively appearing, and mysteriously disappearing on snow-like surfaces of canvas, staggering and strolling, moping with brush, tearing with paint, leaving behind foot prints in colour.

Gajwani talks about his art: “I hear my restless brush breathing aloud with its noisy heart beat while rolling in my fingers, moving musically dipped in paint. There is an inexplicable joy and fear with doubts in playing with mute forms placing together to create a symphony in turning silence into echo of breath to be heard through inner ear with brush strokes on canvas. Forms do feel suffocated and uneasy when an odd-looking form sits next. They are unfriendly and rude and do not jell with each other when placed in a wrong perspective. It’s like one wrong scale note played in a musical band. There is so much of accumulative burden dumped in mind with visual stampede, affecting the freshness that is needed for the ecstasy on canvas. Less is more. The canvas can become talkative and annoying if not heard with sensitive eye….”

Born (1938) in Sind in undivided India, Gajwani graduated from the Delhi School of Art (1959) with a degree in Graphic Designing.. He worked as a designer at the American Centre in Delhi for 29 years, creating posters for plays, films, dances, and workshops, both for national and international projects. He cartoons, caricatures and illustrations have appeared in Span magazine and various publications. Gajwani designed several coffee table books, some with his own photographs. He has also worked as a filmmaker, making experimental short films from 1973 to 2014.

As a painter, Gajwani has had many one-man shows and also participated in over a hundred group shows in New Delhi and Mumbai, as well as in international forums including the 6th Triennial held in Delhi.

He lives and works in Delhi.

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Medium (Up to 60 inches)



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