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24 x 24 inches
Acrylic on canvas

Code: UMPA-0002


SKU: UMPA-0002
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist

Umesh Patil born in 1981 in Tal Wada, District of Thane, Maharashtra. He received his Diploma in Fine Art from the L. S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai, Umesh has gradually grown from his textural and colour-juxtaposed compositions to maturity in technique, approach and rendering.
“I feel this process is the core of my paintings. The line does not remain a line. The form does not remain a form. It comes out with many possibilities of forms. The texture and form become multiple when the form is covered with colours and rhythms. The form goes on changing freely mixing up into one another. Some retain their existence whereas some get vanished in course of time but only paintings remain alive in the present”.

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