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The Faithfuls

60 x 48 inches
Oil on canvas

Code: VS-0010


SKU: VS-0010
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist:

Viveek Sharma was born in Mumbai in 1968 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in painting from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. He is considered as the Painter of Metaphors and counts among the few renowned Indian artists who are internationally represented. He initially focused on drawings which still forms the basis for his present works. The artist has been painting photo realist pictures since 2005, in which he reflects and visualizes his impressions, emotions and experiences or actual incidents, inspired by the ways and techniques of the Dutch Masters. His works are often larger than life, accentuating the detailing of material – skin, sky, grass or fabric, stone or metal – every stroke adding to the appearance and volume of an object weaving a symbolic mix of western aesthetics and Indian cultural symbolism, his compositions reflect his gestures in every fleck and line of paint. His subject matter is about humanity in all its different shades-relationships, shared spaces, everyday life and mundane happenings. Everything attains an element of drama heightened by his use of colour and a deep understanding of light and shadow. Viveek Sharma has held several exhibitions of his work both nationally and internationally, and has won prestigious awards.

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