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46 x 48 inches
Gesso on wood panel(Oil glazed)

Code: KASI-0011


SKU: KASI-0011
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist:

She is a decorative Indian painter, based in Los Angeles. Growing up in India, she was exposed to decoration in the form of mehndi, the exquisite inlaid panels at the Taj Mahal, and the painted decoration and inlaid mirrors at the Amber Palace. Her love of pattern and design has led her into different mediums including textiles, glass and ceramics. She has worked with many designers and her work is defined by her deep love of the decorative arts. An autodidact, she is influenced both by the West and East. She is a synthesis of various traditions. The sense of hybridity, the possibility of merging both eastern and western traditions, led to one of her most significant projects in Sarnath, India- a Sacred Murals project depicting the life of the Buddha. The guiding concept was to depict the visible world as a mirror of the spiritual domain. In this light, the merging of styles, traditions, and myths speaks to fundamental human responses to harmony and beauty – a concept that is all about inclusion. This singular concept ideal infuses all her work.

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