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22 x 15 inches
Ink on paper

Code: PS-0001


SKU: PS-0001
This artwork is accompanied by an Authenticity Certificate.


About the artist:

Paritosh Sen was, born 1918 in Dacca, now Bangladesh. He is one of the most celebrated painters of India. The artist studied Fine Arts at the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. In 1942, he moved to Calcutta, where he and a group of friends formed the Calcutta Group, an association of artists that sought to incorporate contemporary values in Indian art. A painter, illustrator, tutor and writer, Paritosh’s more recognizable works are his caricatures. His style of representation is influenced by his exposure to Western Modern art, and has traces of cubism. He uses two dimensional, structured planes but still creates an illusion of voluptuousness. His drawings and paintings are noted for their strong lines and bold, stylized strokes. Although colour is an important aspect of his paintings, it is the human figure, expressing a myriad of emotions , that dominates his art. A recurrent subject in Paritosh’s works is his depiction of scenes from everyday urban life. Paritosh Sen has published many works on art in both Bengali and in English, including a series of autobiographical vignettes titled ‘Jindabahar Lane’. His works have been exhibited in India and abroad.

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