Custom Artworks: The Fastest Growing Trend in the Realm of Art

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There were times when art enthusiasts used to buy art masterpieces such as Paresh Maity paintings from the top 10 art galleries in Delhi to decorate and rejuvenate their spaces and to show the world how economically sound or affluent they are. No doubt, art is just priceless and no price tag can define its value. But with time, this practice has started dying out to a large extent. Except for a few masterpieces that include Paresh Maity paintings, art enthusiasts are no longer interested in investing in what a particular artist creates out of his or her imagination.

Custom artworks: an overview

The art enthusiasts now want to buy what they want from the top 10 art galleries in Delhi as per interests and artistic inclination. Therefore, the concept of custom paintings came into existence. In this concept, people approach any particular artist or any art gallery and instruct what kind of artwork they want to meet their specific needs. The concerned artist discusses that concept in detail with the client or art lover and then starts working on the project. When the imagination comes into reality, that particular is then sold as per the predetermined prices.


Customer’s choice is everything in a custom-made artwork 

Since it is now the client’s choice to decide on certain things such as the color, shade, mood, background, design, and the theme of the painting or the artwork, a large number of art lovers are getting attracted to certain art studios and the top 10 art galleries in Delhi to get customized pieces of art as per their liking. Some people are also giving references to master artworks such as Paresh Maity paintings to the designated artist to create something closer to them.

People seek relevance and meaningfulness in customized artworks  

Any art enthusiast who is not a professional art collector is expected to be drawn towards his or her portrait instead of any far-famed personality for sure. There has been a drastic change in the mindset and taste of art lovers in the past some years according to which they are no more interested in age-old artworks and want to buy something from the top 10 art galleries in Delhi that have any relevance to them having a sense of fruitfulness and meaningfulness.

Some of the examples of customized artworks 

  • Watercolor family portrait
  • Custom oil painting from photo
  • Custom digital portrait illustration
  • Abstract art-original painting
  • Huge wall art
  • Sakura tree oil painting
  • Personalized wall art with charcoal effect
  • Custom pet portraits and paintings
  • Custom glass paintings
  • Custom watercolor portrait from photo
  • Personalized watercolor portrait based on wedding, anniversary, engagement gift
  • Custom family portrait, and
  • Custom landscape painting from photos among others.

Understanding the process behind a customized artwork

Let’s take an example of a writer who develops a particular style of writing and then perfects himself in that and then moves on to the next one. In the same way, an artist first develops a particular style of painting and then perfects himself in that. In developing a particular style, some artists take inspiration from Paresh Maity paintings and then start their artistic journey. When it comes to customized artwork, customers approach particular artists who can translate their vision into reality making use of their artistic talent.

The process behind a customized artwork includes the following stages:

 First Step:

The first step begins with the customer’s search for the art studio, an individual artist, or an art gallery dealing in custom-made paintings or artworks. In this step, a customer makes sure that the art establishment he or she is approaching is in the capacity to deliver the result as per the expectations. The customer’s search for any of such destinations generally ends on the top 10 art galleries in Delhi.

 Second Step:

The customers provide the artists with a preview of the portrait, a photo, or any reference in the form of Paresh Maity paintings or any other artwork to be drawn while describing his or her exact requirements.

 Third Step:

Aiming at the customer’s satisfaction and offering a 100% value for his/her money, the artist starts working in the suggested direction till the artwork gets completed. An image of the readied artwork is sent to the customer for purview and when approved, final touch-ups are given accordingly.

 Fourth Step: 

The studio or the individual artist delivers the final version of the artwork and makes sure that each aspect of the artwork is well taken care of. This is one of the most important phases in the process of custom-made painting or artwork because it is the result on which the reputation and reliability of an individual artist, a studio, or a gallery entirely depend.

Benefits of a custom-made painting 

Art enthusiasts both in India and abroad are inclined towards customized artworks because they find both relevance and meaningfulness in them. They have the freedom to choose everything right from color, shade, theme to style in their own way. They are also free to hand over some stunning references such as Paresh Maity paintings from where the concerned artists can seek some inspiration.

Paresh-Maity-PM-0129-The-HarmonyMost art studios and art galleries that deal in customized paintings have an expert pool of highly skilled artists in different domains of art who can translate any idea of their customers into reality. And all this can be possible through online mediums these days, from the comfort of the customer’s home.

 The Bottom Line

Gallery Nvya is one of the top 10 art galleries in Delhipromoting the artworks of not only the masters but also the young artists from across India and the world. The gallery has emerged as one of the most reputed destinations for modern and contemporary art including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, ceramics, installations, and multimedia art. The continuous popularity of the gallery has resulted in the opening of additional spaces at Square One Mall, Saket, and IGI Airport. Recent collaborations include Hotel Taj Palace and Hotel Pullman, New Delhi, DLF Magnolias, and Two Horizon Center at Gurgaon.

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