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Attainable Artworks

101-103, Square One Designer Arcade, C-2, District Centre,
Saket, New Delhi- 110017

Date: 1 Jul 2020 to 31 Dec 2020

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Art is a way of survival. ~ Yoko Ono

In this time of crisis and isolation, the role of art becomes more central to our lives, whether we realise it or not. We reflect more. We search for deeper meanings. We call these times “Testing” “Strange” “Dark” “Challenging” and “Unimaginable”.

In these changing times that form a new norm of the new world, Gallerie Nvya is pleased to present a show, well curated with some eclectic mix of artworks. Some of the artists showcasing are Gurmeet Marwah, Lal Bahadur, Sandeep Jigdung, Samir Mohanty and Aditi Saigal.

The concept of finding art that is attainable and appealing becomes a treasure hunt for art enthusiasts and for first timers, thus the idea behind the show is to promote art that is accessible to every budget and new collectors. Our Endeavour Within Reach is a democratic space; bringing together the emerging artists to take contemporary art forward. The show has invited its artist to weave on the characteristics and narrative potential of diverse materials such as fabric, concrete, wood, ceramics, glass and paper. Artists such as Sandeep Jigdung immortalizes the natural tropical scene of Northeast India on his canvas, he feels that it brings awareness to the things that we are so “rich of” but have taken for granted in the past. On the other hand, artist Sanjay Soni’s style of work bestows a magnetic and graceful appeal of calm and contentment in this popular water lilies. Known for his pop art, Suchit Sahni unveils a glimpse of the busy city life by painting cars. His paintings are self descriptive and communicative which are simple in form but complex in its thought.

This show explores the endless possibilities of thoughts and behaviors depicted in the new age and diverse form of art. We hope our collectors enjoy this new collection put together by our artists.


Meher Kalra
Executive Director
Gallerie Nvya


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