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Time in a Prism

Gallerie Nvyā is pleased to present 'Time in a Prism', a solo show showcasing recent works by Nabibakhsh Mansoori.

101-103, Square One Designer Arcade, C-2, District Centre,
Saket, New Delhi- 110017

Date: 16 Jan 2023 to 15 Feb 2023

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Gallerie Nvyā is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Nabibakhsh Mansoori. This is the first solo show of the Ahmedabad-based artist in Delhi. The show is curated by eminent critic and curator Uma Nair.


Uma Nair writes of Nabibakhsh Mansoori’s works:

“Nabibakhsh Mansoori is an inheritor of a pliant brush. With this he creates flowing landscapes that reflect his contentment as well as contemplated moments soaking in the sun and the night shades of endless dreams.

Drawing on his masterful painting skills, Nabibakhsh applies Eastern concepts to Western applications, using his brush to outline his landscape’s exquisite, buoyant forms in concise, and lively strokes. His fluid and agile hand shows no signs of hesitation, demonstrating the artist’s confidence and skill with his brush: with a few simple, lush strokes, he brings his subject of a landscape vividly to life.

Nabibakhsh also uses various shades of colour tones, so as to form candid colour contrasts within the frame of his observational fantasy. The contrast lends an auspicious Eastern ambience to the tableau. In addition to this bold use of colour, his contours in his works recall modern Western aesthetics, such as the terseness and purity of Abstract Expressionism. By combining precious threads of his own making Nabibakhsh creates a unique painting style that blends many characters of thought and treatment.”

Nabibakhsh Mansoori talks about his art: “My love for colours happened when I was gifted a prism in my childhood. It deepened my love for colours. I started trying to understand the magic of colours from nature. The green leaves and a distinct brown colour of the soil along with the red-pink flowers of the rose began to impress me. Be it the light of sunrise, or the beautiful time of evening. Be it the thick clouds of the rainy season, be it the rainbow, be it the sharp streaks of lightning, it had become my madness to enjoy the colours in all. I have been searching for myself in colourful flowers, butterflies, birds, animals, trees, plants, etc!!! Nature’s many phases, like twilight hours, rainbows, mirages, camouflaging, etc are magical creations of God. These natural colours come into my works to reflect many moods.”


Back pages of my notebook

Oil on canvas 36" x 48"

A Fairy Tale Land-II

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"

A fairy tale land-IV

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"

Look through my window – II

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"

Everyday is a winding road

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"

Fairy Tale – III

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"

Read without words

Oil on canvas 24" x 24"

Over the hills and far away

Oil on canvas 36" x 36"

Come back if you can

Oil on canvas 36" x 36"

It’s all in the game

Oil on canvas 36" x 36"

A Full Moon Night

Oil on canvas 36" diameter

Everybody’s got a story

Oil on canvas 36"x 48"

Everything I didn’t write

Oil on canvas 36" x 48"

If I could turn back time

Oil on canvas 36" x 48"

What are you waiting for

Oil on canvas 42" x 48"


Oil on canvas 48" x 36"

A Hint of Vanilla

Oil on canvas 48" x 36"

Celebrating Nostalgia

Oil on canvas 36" x 60"


Oil on canvas 36" x 54"

I was on a boat that day

30" x 96"

Sing in Silence

36" x 96"

Word are not Enough

48" x 72"


54" x 36"

A Sunflower

Oil on canvas 54" diameter


Oil on canvas 60" diameter

Moonlight serenade

Oil on canvas 60" x 60"

Devotion and Desire

60" x 12"

Somewhere with you

60" x 48"


60" x 168"

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