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Skin of Dreams

Booth E12, India Art Fair 2024

NSIC Exhibition Grounds Okhla, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

Date: 1 Feb 2024 to 4 Feb 2024

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Gallerie Nvyā is pleased to present the works of seven sensational masters : S.H Raza, Manu Parekh, Thota Vaikuntam, K S Radhakrishnan, G Ravinder Reddy, Jamini Roy and Paresh Maity, to put forth a presentation titled, ‘Skin of Dreams’.

The exhibition, ‘Skin of Dreams’, explores the fragility of dreams and precarity of freedom. The idea of absolute liberation, as it may be a constant whim or on-going illusion, turns out to be a farce. Acts of living succumb to apparent constraints. There may be an urgency to believe that there are negligible shackles that manoeuvre behaviour. More often that not there are in fact limitations. Choices are driven by external happenstances — cultural, social, economical, structural or personal which shape unthinking assumptions. There is constant navigation towards aspirations. A need to go back and forth, to ideate, to experiment, to alter, to sow and possibly find instances of beauty through the process of way finding.

As part of Gallerie Nvyā’s presentation, the works of seven masters come together to reflect the fickleness of freedom, while also constructing fictional scapes that consciously seek moments of splendour. The bronze sculpture of K S Radhakrishnan showcase the bounded free forms through the limitations of anatomy, materiality and gravity. While his unique experiments of paper pulp and bronze latch the dancing figures, encasing their movement and pulchritude. The landscapes of Manu Parekh, speak of the need to break free from structural duresses. Each work has a thoughtfully situated centre that highlights an inevitable, social interdependence of people on rituals, traditions and beliefs. The remarkable works of Jamini Roy narrate the need to take grasp of the celestial, which sit beyond reach beyond reach. There is reliance on one another, and on faith to assemble. Ravinder Reddy and Thota Vaikuntam have works rooted in heritage ingrained in society. They shed light on cultural coercions.

Heritage is the whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterises a sense of belonging. Paresh Maity’s urbanscape is interspersed with, what seems to be, two blazing May-flower (Gulmohar) trees, signifying hope through the acts of living, which may be subject to inherent and apparent constraints. Lastly, a small, solitary but precious work by S H Raza, which sits in the booth like a jewel, abstracts the physiognomy of fruits. Fruits, that often signify abundance or rewards, to suggest for patience and recognising occurrences of joy through the tumulus process of faring.

‘Skin of Dreams’ is curated by Shristi Sainani.


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