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Forms in Harmony

In association with Taj Palace Gallerie Nvya presents a solo exhibition by eminent artist Ranjeeta Kant.

At Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi

Date: 19 Nov 2021 to 15 Jan 2022

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“I have been an artist working in the figurative genre, never having entered the world of abstract till last year. This was mainly because I’ve always felt that abstract art needs complete control of the artist on their oeuvre. After many years of working as a figurative artist, the form of abstract art entered my world. During the lock down last year, I seriously started exploring non-figurative art. The times were serious, perhaps stark but the art that I created was positive, vivid, and buoyant. I was pleasantly surprised to witness this contrast unfold.

I discovered my thoughts and emotions on the canvas through colours, forms, textures and lines. Inspired by and imbibing from the colours of the sky, earth, ocean, flora and fauna, my mixed media process involves the use of coloured inks, acrylic, pen and ink, and markers. The art that came out was unique: it became the landscape of my mind and soul, having a rhythm of its own.

The geometric forms of triangles, circles, rectangles, lines, curves, and their repetition come together to make varied spatial compositions. The sun, moon, rivers, foliage take different shapes and juxtapose with each other. They create a different Cosmos.”

Ranjeeta Kant, New Delhi, August 2021


Maite’s small, intimate works reveal a deep influence of the European masters in her rendering of her own environment, the French countryside, where she spent a major part of her childhood. Her works have a languid quality and an old world charm. Her subjects are seemingly simple like landscapes and figuration but the artist uses them as a means to explore the depths of her thoughts. Maite’s attentiveness to detail is a form of devotion: her paintings are like a song of praise in which she exalts the beauty of the world. Her colour palette enhances and compliments the ‘other-world charm’ in her work.

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