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A group show exhibiting works of eminent artists Sakti Burman, Maite Delteil & Old Prints and Oleographs.

101-103, Square One Designer Arcade, C-2, District Centre,
Saket, New Delhi- 110017

Date: 22 Oct 2021 to 30 Nov 2021

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We are delighted to present a few diverse genres of art in an exhibition titled ‘Festival’. The concurrent theme of the show is festivity and celebration. The works on display are in three different genres that span a century. There are Oleographs and old prints, Watercolours (with ink), and contemporary Ganesha sculptures.

The Oleographs and Old prints belong to the 19thth century, it is remarkable to note that they have been beautifully retained and conserved, many of them in their original antique frames. Raja Ravi Varm​a, a commercially successful​ ​ painter of 19th century India,​ established a printing press to make prints and oleographs.​The spread and the popularity of this art inspired many painters who took to replicate his and their work with the Ravi Varma Press. Bamapada Banerjee, Hira Lal, R.G.Chonker, Vasudeo H Pandya are recognized names in this genre. It is an established fact that many of these oleographs and prints are now hundred years old.

Sakti Burman and Maite Delteil are established senior artists who need no introduction. The suite of works created recently by them is truly exceptional. They call it their ‘labour of love’; Both profess that ‘they created their unique relaxation mode painting these watercolours. The freedom, the ‘masti’ they experienced is evident from the works on display, it is indeed their artistic offering to art collectors and connoisseurs.

Manish, a young emerging sculptor, experiments with form and colour. The contemporary form of Lord Ganesha is created by him in fibreglass.


Tripat K Kalra
Gallerie Nvya



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