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Kolkata, India

Born in Kolkata in 1947, Shuvaprasanna completed his graduation from the Indian College of Art, Kolkata in 1969. He was an active member of the ‘Calcutta Painter’s Group. The city of Kolkata is figured much in his art works. His themes are from his personal interactions with its urban milieu - its sickness and sordidness, its violence and vulnerability and all that compounds its existential agony. His medium includes oil on canvas, charcoal, and mixed media. Shuvaprasanna's series of paintings, Icons and Illusions, marked a creative breakthrough for the artist in a number of ways. Whereas he had been known in the past as an urban artist with subject matter that reflected the byways, alleyways, birds, and people of his native Kolkata, in Icons and Illusions, he relished more in divinities and flowers. The iconic figures of Krishna, Radha, and Ganesha that found lyrical expression in the Icons series are modern representations and sophisticated idealizations of the same images in the popular media. His work has been exhibited extensively in India and abroad.


Owls 12
Mixed media on paper 8" x 6"
The Dance
Oil, Acrylic and Charcoal on canvas 36" x 60"
Guru Nanak
Oil & charcoal on canvas 60" x 35"
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