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Omswami  was born in 1974, Om Swami is a Mumbai-based artist who studied at Raheja College. He is a self-taught artist whose works are renowned for their fluidity and the movements of its subjects. Om's paintings showcase human emotions like love and sensuality with bold, thick strokes thus evoking a deep emotional response in the viewer.  In his figurative works where no movement is depicted, the viewer takes one look at the subject and can feel the energy within the painting. The 'She' highlighted in his paintings, is to an extent is a comprehensive revision of certain traditional aspects,- the archaic women,- which has been in the human imagination for a long period of time. His name is associated with paintings with rich imagery, well-conceived theme and diligently executed vibrant colours. Though figurative, but contemporary, he has cultivated a style of his own using minimal details. Omswami has held many solo and group shows within India and abroad.


Acrylic on fiberglass 18" x 21" x 12"
Acrylic on fiberglass 23" x 12" x 10"
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