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Niraja Bhuwal

Uttar Pradesh, India

Niraja Bhuwal was born in 1988 in Ghosi, Uttar Pradesh. Niraja completed her M.F.A. in 2013 and B.F.A. in 2011 from B.H.U.Varanasi.  Her artworks are based on Indian stamp paintings which depict the cultural identity of ‘Mughal Empire’. The paintings depict the history, culture, economic progress, the flora and fauna and architectural monuments. Niraja says, “I prefer to render them in a semi- abstract format, to conceptualize it beyond the visual, towards a story, as an expressive narrative of what we hold most precious, as symbols that unite us as a nation.” Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas.  She tries to create the contemporary form in what is called the abstract art. She also tries to paint her art as a contemporary scenario to improve the art work and try to give it new form. Niraja has participated in many solo and group shows in India.


Acrylic on canvas 39" diameter
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