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Ketna Patel

East Africa

Ketna Patel was born in 1968 in Uganda. She is a British-Indian contemporary pop artist based in Singapore and has lived in three different continents -Africa, Asia and Europe. After graduating from The Architectural Association in London with a degree in architecture, Ketna Patel moved to Singapore to begin her career as an architect. The art of Ketna Patel reflects much of her own personal journey as an outsider and global citizen, observing, discovering and embracing one’s cultural identity and the desire to belong to a community. Reflections of socio-political and cultural identity exploration in everyday life of today and yesterday are common themes portrayed through her art. Ketna says “Using different cultures and historical events, I juxtapose mythological characters, Gods, political icons and the common man appear on the same canvas. This is a romance between the old and the new, once prohibited by stringent cultural, political, and class boundaries that have hemmed in most of us” Ketna's work has been exhibited at Museums, Galleries and Art Fairs all over the world. She is the recipient of the prestigious ASEAN Art Award.


Aina Mahal
Limited edition print (3 of 100) 46.5" x 38.5"
 I am a desert and you are like the rain
Original photos by artist & Mixed media on board 88.5" x 45"
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