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G R Iranna

G. R. Iranna was born in 1970 in Karnataka. Iranna received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The College of Visual Art, in Gulbarga and his Master’s degree in painting from the College of Art, New Delhi G R Iranna is an artist of reinvention who transforms art and medium with the exigencies of the political turmoil that engulfs him. Like all artists who aspire beyond the mediocre, his works capture the zeitgeist of the times he lives in and yet transcends the boundaries of time and space. Many of Iranna’s paintings depict pain as an abstract force that is translated visually in bruised textures and razor sharp cutting edges. His painting has always been far removed from an overriding, postmodern logic. Instead, Iranna uses the idealistic, representative and modernist language of Indian contemporary art. His most recent works are all visions of resistance. In just a glance, one can tell a sense of massive dynamic energy that pervades the surfaces. Upon further inspection, one sees that these conflicts being played out on the surface are present also in those between one color and another, between figure and hue, and between the crudeness and the expertise employed. His works, set on canvas as well as tarpaulin, are symbolic of an important change; the artist continues to employ repeated motifs in his work, they seem now to be less figurative, leaning more towards form.


Acrylic on canvas 42" x 36"
Growth in cold
Acrylic on tarpaulin 70" x 46"
Acrylic on tarpaulin 54" x 66"
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