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C. F. John

Kerela, India

Born in Kerela. John seeks his inspiration from nature. His works have several pathways for longer journeys, not essentially visual but physical, belonging to different times, spaces and eras, all at once, according to the viewer’s preparedness. His work has a freshness that is not constrained by academic intrusions. His approach to his work is devoid of canonistic estrangements and is derived from a thought process based on his socio culture activist tendencies –refined and sensitively filtered down to basics. He believes in celebrating the uniqueness of the materials he uses to paint. He uses muted colour palettes, gentle textures, elegant compositions and occasional bursts of colour tp portray subjects in a meditative state. Through his art C.F. John attempts to negotiate with the tensions of modern day living, finding peace amidst nature, he is inspired by people who are close to it.


Still . Slient
Oil on canvas 48" x 36"
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