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Amitava Das

Amitava Das was born in 1947 in New Delhi. Das received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from The Delhi College of Art. He is best known for his existential vision of human forms in his work. In his paintings, he introduces a single figure within a dense, turgidly rendered space. Amitava’s affiliation is primarily to expressionism, even as his art appears to spring from an enigmatic subjectivity. In contrast to the fine linear quality of his drawings in which figures are built up through an accumulation of staccato lines, his paintings are realized through strong paint application and an unambiguous role of color. From the gentleness and resignation in his earlier works, Amitava moved on to canvases that depict the violence and avarice of modern times. Working with a variety of mediums, Amitava uses watercolors, oils, and pastels to portray his thoughts and feelings evoked by his observations of the life around him. His work is primarily based on human situations, where man is both the creator and the destroyer. The natural and artificial are cleverly fused to show the interdependence of the man-made and natural worlds. He tries to bring out the inner struggles of men placed in difficult times. In Amitava’s art, there is a collapse of the traditional aesthetics of beauty and equilibrium. He does not pass moral judgments on whether the figure is a victim, or perpetrator, or even an unexplained presence in a wasteland. In his more recent work, though, the style has changed and become even more abstract.


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