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Aditi Saigal

New Delhi

Aditi was born in 1974. An architect by education and an artist at heart. She works predominantly with oil on canvas and also mixed media on paper. Much of her practice employs metaphor constructs to depict the experiences of a human life with its ensuing struggles, beauty, pride and glory. A folk aesthetic including intricate patterns and self-created symbols along with an eclectic use of natural imagery and colours are characteristic of her work, infusing it with beauty that celebrates life and the indomitable human spirit. Her use of natural imagery, including birds, butterflies, fireflies, fish, peacocks, roses, and the tree of life represent her hope to reinstate the beauty, fortune, fertility, riches that they epitomize. She was inspired by Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. Although some of the works were inspired by truck imagery, they have imbibed new sacred meanings in her canvas. Taking inspiration from an everyday object, Aditi explored her art and began her quest to find her highest potential – as an artist and as an individual. She has participated in numerous group shows at various galleries.


Night Lotus
Oil on canvas 25" x 20"
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