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Aditi Saigal

New Delhi

An architect by education, Aditi Saigal is a New-Delhi based artist and practices out of her studio in Gurgaon. She works predominantly with oil on canvas and also mixed media on paper. Much of her practice employs metaphor constructs to depict the experiences of a human life with its ensuing struggles, beauty, pride and glory. A folk aesthetic including intricate patterns and self-created symbols along with an eclectic use of natural imagery and colours are characteristic of her work, infusing it with beauty that celebrates life and the indomitable human spirit. Her largest and most prominent series is called ‘Art on Trucks’. The inspiration is taken from the art painted on the trucks found on the northern borders of India. To the artist, this art on the decorative trucks depicts the indomitable human spirit that knows how to celebrate while moving through rough terrains.


I am the Structure
Oil & acrylic on canvas 30" x 54"
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