What Is The Specialty Of Art Galleries And Its Novelty Of Art?

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In the words of famous artists and art creators, the gallery has become a powerful platform for contemporary Indian art. GallerieNvya is known for showcasing diverse art forms, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and digital media. The gallery’s focus is on promoting emerging and mid-career artists who explore various themes such as social, political, cultural, and environmental issues through their art.

What sets GallerieNvya apart is its commitment to presenting artworks that challenge conventional norms and push the boundaries of artistic expression. The gallery’s curatorial approach emphasizes creating a dialogue between artists, their works, and the audience. GallerieNvya also hosts several exhibitions, talks, and events throughout the year, providing a space for intellectual and creative exchange.

GallerieNvya‘s specialty lies in its dedication to showcasing innovative and thought-provoking contemporary art while nurturing and supporting emerging artists in India’s art scene.

 Who is Jamini Roy?

Jamini Roy was one of India’s most prominent and celebrated painters of the 20th century. Born in 1887 in a small village in West Bengal, Jamini Roy was deeply influenced by the traditional art forms of his region, particularly the Kalighat patas (painters).

  • Jamini Roy paintings style was distinctively modern yet rooted in the traditional techniques of his region. He experimented with materials and techniques, often using indigenous materials such as mud and natural dyes in his works. His bold and simplified forms, bright colours, and stylized figures captured the essence of rural life and folk culture.
  • The unique GallerieNvya is proud to showcase Jamini Roy’s works with a special exhibition featuring some of his most significant pieces. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity for art lovers to experience the unique blend of tradition and modernity that Roy’s art represents.
  • One of the exhibition’s highlights is the series of paintings Roy created on the theme of the Ramayana. The paintings use bold colours and simple lines to portray the epic tale of Rama and Sita. Other works in the exhibition include portraits of everyday people, animals, and landscapes, all capturing the essence of rural Bengal.

Jamini Roy’s legacy as an artist inspires generations of artists in India and beyond. The exhibition at a unique GallerieNvya is a testament to his enduring influence on art.

All About the Art in GallerieNvya

The gallery is renowned for its diverse collection of contemporary art, featuring a wide range of mediums and styles. Here’s a closer look at the art you can expect to find at GallerieNvya.

  • Paintings:

The gallery’s collection of paintings is vast and varied, featuring works by emerging and established artists from India and beyond. The paintings encompass various styles, from abstract and minimalist to figurative and representational. The gallery also features works inspired by traditional Indian art forms, such as Kalighat paintings and Madhubani art.

  • Sculptures:

The GallerieNvya‘s collection of sculptures is equally impressive, featuring works in various materials such as bronze, stone, and wood. The sculptures showcase a range of styles and forms, from abstract and geometric to figurative and narrative. The gallery also features installations that are interactive and engage with the viewer.

  • Photography:

The gallery’s photography collection is a highlight, featuring works by some of the most talented photographers in India. The photographs encompass various themes, from nature and landscapes to portraits and street photography. The gallery also features works that explore social and political issues.

  • Digital Art:

GallerieNvya also showcases digital art, featuring works incorporating new technologies such as video, sound, and animation. The digital art on display is thought-provoking and immersive, exploring themes such as identity, memory, and perception.

GallerieNvya is a vibrant and dynamic art space showcasing some of India’s most exciting contemporary art and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned art lover or a newcomer to the art world, the gallery has something for everyone.

Who is Sakti Barman?

Sakti Burman is one of India’s most celebrated contemporary artists known for his dreamlike paintings rich in symbolism and surrealism. Born in Kolkata in 1935, Burman moved to Paris in the 1950s, where he studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.

  • Any special GallerieNvya is proud to feature a collection of Sakti Burman’s works in a special exhibition that showcases some of his most significant pieces. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity for art lovers to experience the magic of Sakti Burman painting, known for their exquisite quality.
  • Burman’s paintings are characterized by their dreamlike quality, which often includes fantastical landscapes, magical creatures, and mythical figures. His vibrant colors and intricate details transport viewers to a mystical and alluring world. The exhibition features Burman’s works, including paintings depicting mystical landscapes, human forms, and mythological characters.
  • One of the exhibition’s highlights is a series of paintings that depict Burman’s interpretation of the Hindu goddess Durga. These paintings showcase Burman’s mastery of color and form and his deep understanding of Indian mythology and culture.

Sakti Burman’s art continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide, and the exhibition at GallerieNvya is a testament to his enduring legacy. The exhibition is a must-see for anyone interested in exploring the intersection of contemporary art and traditional Indian culture.


Any fixture of art or gallery is a leading contemporary art gallery that showcases some of the most exciting and innovative artists from India and worldwide. The gallery’s collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and digital art is diverse and dynamic, representing various styles, themes, and mediums. One of the hallmarks of the GallerieNvya is its commitment to promoting emerging and established artists from India. The gallery provides a platform for artists to showcase their works to a broader audience, encouraging and fostering a vibrant art scene in India.

In addition to promoting emerging artists, GallerieNvya also features works by some of the most celebrated artists from India, such as Sakti Burman, Jamini Roy, and Jogen Chowdhury. The gallery’s exhibitions provide a rare opportunity for art lovers to experience the works of these iconic artists up close and personal.

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