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Who we are

Gallerie Nvya, New Delhi founded in 2004 with a vision to provide a platform that aims at empowering young practitioners and experimenters to surge ahead whilst fuelled by the power of their creative impulses. Our eclectic collection of art brings together the modern, the contemporary, the new age and the experimental.

About Gallerie Nvya

Gallerie Nvya is one of the largest and most dynamic art galleries in India. It has two main areas of focus: showcasing substantial works of masters and senior artists, along with recognition and encouragement of young new talent. Nvya is a distinguished and well-defined centre for Indian art in the realm of modern and contemporary art: painting, drawing, sculpture, print making, photography, ceramics, installations and multimedia art.

The gallery started its journey from a large space at Friends Colony, the continuous growth of the gallery resulted in the opening of an additional space in Saket and a unique and prestigious space at IGI Airport at the Reserved Lounge of Terminal 1D, IGI Airport, New Delhi. Recent collaborations are with Hotel Taj Palace and Hotel Pullman in New Delhi, DLF Magnolias and Two Horizon Center at Gurgaon.

Aware of the basic principle that art can be neither confined nor defined, we recognise the validity of different ways and means of creative expression; we respect the range of styles, vocabularies and techniques that the artists can summon to their service in the creation of work. As our exhibits and collections indicate, this difference that defies all attempts at homogeneity is the soul of both the artist as well as of the art he/she creates. In providing a space that upholds the dignity and validity of this diversity, the gallery once again fulfils what it believes to be an integral part of its social and creative responsibility.

A true aesthetic object must be presented and viewed in a space that represents and enhances its voice. This essentially is the kind of space that Gallerie Nvya prides itself of being. To sharpen focus areas we have also attempted to delineate physical spaces and now have areas dedicated to sculptural practice, senior masters and current running shows respectively. While all of these can essentially occupy the same space, our recognition of the nuanced differences and the fine tuned specificities of different kinds of artistic expression inspired us to create actual physical locations that vary in their scope so that the principle of non-homogenised art is never compromised.

Gallerie Nvya has hosted huge exhibitions and retrospectives of senior artists accompanied by Book releases. The gallery has been associated with eminent writers and curators such as Dr Alka Pande, Prof Rajeev Lochan, Prof B N Goswami, Prof Ashis Nandy, Prof Seema Bawa, Ms Sushma Bahl, Mr Ranjit Hoskote, Ms Ina Puri, Ms Uma Nair and many more.

Our Team

Tripat K Kalra


meher kalra

Meher Kalra

Executive Director

Deepshikha Kalsi

Art Restorer

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